Every Door Direct Mail® Printing

Every Door Direct Mail® Printing

Reach new

customers for mere cents per piece!

Grow your business and increase revenue at a fraction of the cost...without a mailing list

What is EDDM®?

Every Door Direct Mail® is a new way to think about marketing your business to every door in the neighborhood without the need for specific addresses or names. The United States Postal Service's EDDM® program allows you to have your postcards delivered to individual neighborhoods, using carrier routes. You identify the carrier routes and control the drop date and the USPS delivers directly to every door on the route. You save the cost of purchasing a mailing list, and there's no permit required, which puts more money back into your campaign's pocket.

What are the Benefits of EDDM®?

EDDM Postcard

  • No mailing lists needed for EDDM®
  • Use the simplified address system from the USPS and you'll never have the expense of a mailing list.
  • Saturate entire zip codes or carrier routes.
  • Reduced postage rates for non-profit organizations
  • No postage permits needed for EDDM® when using PFL.
  • Before EDDM®, large mailing required a postage permit which could be as costly as $450. Now, that fee is waived for EDDM® customers.
  • Better response rates with larger formats
  • Stand out from the competition with a piece that can't be ignored.
  • Find new customers, build more traffic, and increase revenue.

EDDM® is perfect for the following types of businesses:

70% off direct mail postage makes EDDM® a viable solution for a business of any size

  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Auto dealerships
  • Business services
  • Medical professionals
  • Local health clinics and hospitals
  • Dry cleaners
  • Contractors and home services
  • Attorneys
  • Realtors
  • Local arts and community organizers
  • Political Campaigns

We Make EDDM® Printing Easy!

There are several regulations and rules for the Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) product, but don't worry - Everychannel will handle them by:

  1. Verifying the counts
  2. Filling out the proper paperwork
  3. Counting out the bundles
  4. Adding the proper facing/bundle slips
  5. Packaging up the mail in a Priority Mail USPS shipment
  6. Loading the mail up and delivering to the post office

Using EDDM® to Win an Election

In politics, you only run if you intend to win. You put a lot of hard earned dollars, energy, time and emotions into all aspects of your election campaign strategy. Getting the most exposure for your money and reaching your constituents cost effectively is essential to ensuring your success against the concerted efforts of your opponents. No matter what the size of your district, high saturation marketing is needed to make sure your name and positions are at the forefront of the voters minds when they head to the polls on election day. political marketing materials

EVERYChannel Marketing and EDDM®

These days, a multi-channel approach is critical to running an effective and successful election campaign, and we can provide everything from campaign brochures, door hangers, yard signs, banners and direct mail, to name a few. The one type of direct mail that is key for any campaign is Every Door Direct Mail® or EDDM®.

Low Cost Direct Mail

EDDM® is a cost effective political marketing solution that will produce a significant advantage for your campaign. You choose individual zip codes or specific carrier routes and the drop date and the USPS delivers your campaign materials to every door on the route. Unlike other forms of direct mail, there's no need for mailing permits or lists, and it's up to 70% less expensive than traditional direct mail postage costs. The low cost per piece makes it affordable enough to send multiple campaigns throughout the course of the election campaign, and multiple exposures have been shown to increase familiarity, one of the obvious keys to winning any election. You can measure results and modify mailings as you go.

An EDDM® Route Selector

EDDM route You control the distribution of your mailings to carrier routes within your specified zip codes, which allows you to reach every address on the route and engage them in a one-on-one dialogue. Using this blanket approach, your message can reach every resident, business owner, or PO Box in your district. Try our easy to use Route Selector. Besides carrier route boundaries and address counts, the Route Selector shows valuable demographic information for each route including residence type, median age and median income that can help you target your messaging to best connect with your constituents.

Reach Every Constituent

Reaching every door by foot is usually pretty much impossible, and would take a huge amount of time and resources. With EDDM®, you can reach more people in less time for less money. Your message should be broad enough to appeal to everyone in the specific mailing. Make the connection with your constituents and let them know who you are and what you stand for.

The rules and regulations for EDDM® are very specific, so letting an experienced printing and mailing company handle all aspects of your mailing will eliminate mistakes and hassles, so you can focus on more important campaign duties. For example, the maximum quantity allowed in the EDDM® Retail program is 5,000 pieces per day.

Approved EDDM® Postcard Sizes

political EDDM postcards We offer four standard EDDM® compliant Postcard sizes that provide you with plenty of space for important images and campaign messaging. Our standard sizes are 4.25 x 10.625, 4.25 x 15, 6.25 x 9, 6 x 11, with numerous custom sizes also available. The postcards can be printed on your choice of paper or our house standard high quality 100# or 120# cover and aqueous or UV coated, for increased durability, visibility and credibility. The larger formats provide more space to include valuable information to educate your audience to help them make the most informed decision at the polls. We suggest including tracking mechanisms such as QR codes, PURLs, and social media links to keep the conversation going on other channels and assist in tracking mailing effectiveness.

Will to Win

We have an expert team of mail consultants, designers, and press operators that are experienced in all aspects of EDDM® and other political marketing products ready to assist you. We are your campaign printing headquarters, and EDDM® is an important step toward winning your election.

Good luck!

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