Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing


more likely to redeem offers

Mobile Offers redeemed 10x more frequently than print offers, and 44% of consumers would rather receive marketing messages through text messages over any other channel.

Mobile Marketing

Reach your customer unobtrusively with direct-to-device notifications. We have an enormous, industry leading database with detailed behavior and device preferences information. Reach your customers in teh way THEY prefer. We will write, record, and place live calls to reach your customers for your promotions and events. We can schedule reminders, sales promotions, and far more across phone, text, and notifications directly to customer devices.

Unparalleled Visibility

Mobile and direct-to-device marketing has an unparalleled 98% average open rate, and 70% of consumers found all types of notifications, including location-based messages) to be valuable.

Behavior Based Marketing

We have over 700 million records that our smart campaigns utilize to target each customer based on their unique behavior - they'll get what matters most to them on the device they prefer to use.

Connect with EveryChannel™

Our mobile campaigns can send customers promotional materials, connect with your website or landing pages, and even showcase videos and TV spots. If you can dream it, we can send it.

With Mobile Marketing service you will receive:

  • Connected With EveryChannel® Ensuring All Marketing Is Consistent
  • Ability to Customize For Each Store, Region, & Market
  • Text By Demographic & Behavior
  • Text By Geo-Location And/Or Carrier Route
  • Send Web Notifications through Website on Mobile, Tablet, & PC
  • Send Direct-to-Device Notifications on Mobile, Tablet, & PC
  • Individual & Personalized Text/SMS Messages
  • Text/SMS Blasts for Promotions & Campaigns
  • Segmentation of User Database Based On Over 100 Social, Geo, Behavioral, and Demographic Metrics Stored & Analyzed On Every Customer
  • Automatic List Updates With User Interaction
  • Automated List Verification & Cleansing
  • Automatic Phone Type Verification (Landline/Mobile)
  • Text/SMS Blasts On Demand
  • Direct to Landing Page Mobile Links
  • Limited Time Text-Exclusive Offers w/ Reporting
  • Drive Traffic to Store or to Site
  • Text/SMS Contacts Connect & Influence Automated Marketing Engines
  • Continuous Marketing Evolution Based on Up-to-Date Best Practices & Cutting Edge Technology

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