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of responders make purchases

62% of consumers who responded todirect mail made a purchase, and 56% of consumers went online or visited a local store.

Print & Mail Marketing

Easy, professional templated themes or completely customization. You will be given a personal artist to walk you through it. After the design, your personalized pieces will be printed in-house with the latest, highest quality print.EveryChannel™ can print everything from circulars, mailers, and your point of purchase items including banners, posters, tags, and much more.

Unmatched Control

With more than 700 million records of customer data, including location, carrier routes, unique behavior, purchasing patterns, and more; we can ensure you get the most out of your campaigns.

Unrestrained Personalization

Create dynamic and personalized content that connects with the customers on a personal level. 78% of customers are more likely to purchase from a brand if they provide personally relevant content.


Because we have our own in-house design team and printing equipment, we can give you complete custmization over your pieces, handling each step of the process under one roof.

With Print & Mail Marketing service you will receive:

  • In-House Printing & Mailing Facility
  • Complete Customization of Pieces
  • Complete Production From Graphic Design to Packaging to Delivery
  • Mail Targeting By Demographic & Behavior
  • Mail Targeting By Geo-Location And/Or Carrier Route
  • Mailing to Personalized List
  • Fully Customizable Variable Data
  • Personalized & Variable Text Data
  • Personalized & Variable Images & Products
  • Personalized & Variable Offers
  • Automatic List Updates With User Interaction
  • Automated List Verification & Cleansing
  • Continuous Marketing Evolution Based on Up-to-Date Best Practices & Cutting Edge Technology

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