Email Marketing

Email Marketing


are more likely to purchase

81% of US online shoppers are more likely to make additional purchases, either online or in a store, as a result of email based on pervious shopping behaviors and preferences.

Email Marketing

You will profile and attract NEW customers, engage and connect with your current base, and send personalized, relevant messages. We know how to navigate your messages away from spam filters, and we continously optimize performance to get real results. Take your email to the next level by professionally blending with digital, social, and retargeted email automation.

Enhance With EveryChannel™

Our email campaigns will connect with our enormous customer database, allowing us to retarget and re-engage customers across digital and physical platforms. Broadcast on EveryChannel™.

Real-Time Fine-Tuning

Our Advanced Marketing Technology will learn from every customer interaction, automatically adapting strategies in real time to suit each individual customers preferences and behaviors.

Dynamic Personalization

Personalize names, images, and content to suit the customer and their interests. Intelligent data segmentation ensures each customer receives the most relevant information to them.

With Email Marketing service you will receive:

  • Connected With EveryChannel® Ensuring All Marketing Is Consistent
  • Extensive Customization
  • Ability to Customize For Each Store, Region, & Market
  • Email By Demographic & Behavior
  • Email By Geo-Location And/Or Carrier Route
  • Fully Responsive & Mobile/Tablet Optimized
  • Email Delivery Optimization Using Google & Amazon Metrics So More Hit the Inbox
  • Drip Campaign Automation
  • Customizable Automation
  • Auto Responders
  • Transactional Emails
  • Integration With Website
  • Custom Forms
  • Custom Fields
  • Personalized Text In Email
  • Personalized Images In Email
  • Personalized Offers In Email
  • Personalized Products In Email
  • Video In Email
  • Geo-Location & Demographic Prospecting

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