Social Media Marketing

Social Marketing


use social media for purchase decisions

74% of people use social media when making purchase decisions. Social media has become one of the most effective channels to gather new leads and engage in customers on their interests.

Social Media Marketing

Highly targeted, advanced marketing campaigns to maximize your ROI. Gather new leads, get customers in your front door, calling you, & getting more orders on your websites. Don't run your own social media? We'll manage your page for you, while we build your brand by engaging with your customers and followers.

Unlimited Control

We have unlimited control over our social media targeting, ensuring that the people who see our ads are unique and custom audience to only provide the highest quality leads.

State-of-the-Art Retargeting

Hidden code in our EveryChannel™ campaigns track customer behavior and interests. We will learn from each customers interactions and our campaigns will automatically adapt to guide them to a sale

Social Leads on EveryChannel™

Once a customer engages on social media, their information and intrests are funneled into our EveryChannel™ Marketing Technology, to connect with the customer on their preferred platforms.

With Social Marketing service you will receive:

  • Connected With EveryChannel® Ensuring All Marketing Is Consistent
  • Ability to Customize For Each Store, Region, & Market
  • Predictive Prospecting Based On Machine Learning
  • Advanced Demographic Targeting
  • Advanced Behavioral Targeting
  • Advanced Geo-Targeting
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Dynamic Ads That Differ On Store-to-Store Location & Automatically Populate With Unique Store's Information
  • Lead Generation Ads to Gather Customer Information for Follow Up & Sales Team Contact
  • Conversion Focused Web Click Ads to Push Traffic to Your Site & Increase Conversions
  • Product Catalog Sale Ads to Dynamically Offer Different Products & Offers to Customer's On An Individual Basis
  • Facebook Live Consultation & Advertising to Use As Infomercials, Sales Boosters, & Engagement Powerhouses
  • Video Views to Extend Reach of Your Video Spots
  • Images in Mobile Communications
  • Store Visit Ads to Drive More Traffic to Your Physical Stores (Automatically Displays Nearest Local Store Information & Connects to Users' Map Applications)
  • Phone Engagement Ads to Increase Phone Calls to Your Stores (Automatically Displays Nearest Local Store Information & Connects to User's Phone System)
  • Engagement Ads to Increase Consumer Engagement With Your Brand
  • Brand Awareness Ads to Increase Your Reach
  • Personalized Text In Social Ads
  • Personalized Images In Social Ads
  • Personalized Offers In Social Ads
  • Personalized Products In Social Ads

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